is so easy to use.

We made it really, really simple for anyone to sell products and services to a multinational audience without paying commissions or memberships. Handmade goods, vintage items, website themes, mp3s, professional services, dumb services, videos, fashion, illustrations, art, spiritual stuff. Virtually anything. You do the job, you keep the money. Simple.

Givo is opportunities.

All those great Gigs you see on Givo, are posted by people like you. We’ll help you find and follow people interesting to you, and we’ll help other people find and follow you.

  • Get Help. Post any Job.

    Posting is free. You can post anything you need to get done. From day to day tasks like cleaning your yard or waiting in line, to permanent qualified jobs.

  • Start Selling. Whatever you want.

    Promote yourself and your business by selling your personal services and products on the Givo platform.

Seriously, put anything you want here.

Four post types to get you started. Your brain can do the rest. This thing is yours. Use it however you like.

You already know how this works.

  • Hire with Confidence

    When you post a job, dozens of candidates will apply to do it. Check their profiles, online resumes and interview them privately.

  • Sell Whatever You Want

    Start selling physical products, digital files or personal services. You will be notified for every new order. Deliver the job and get paid.

  • Get Social

    Create your profile. Make it your own. Follow People. Collect Posts, add commentary if you like. Other people will do the same to your posts.

  • Online Resumes

    Create and stored unlimited online resumes in your account. Add experience, training, portfolios. You can use them to apply to jobs.

  • Let Opportunity Find You

    Be part of the Givers directory and let people around the world to find you based on your skills, location, talents and services.

  • Just like you'd expected

    Posting on Givo is absolutely free and the transaction fee for selling is only $1 (fixed) on all fulfilled orders. You do the job, you keep the money. Simple.

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To wrap things up

Givo is people like you offering whatever they do best, and hiring others to get things done. You will find two things around here. Gigs and Jobs. Gigs are posted by anyone offering something. Jobs are posted by anyone in need of something.

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