Brand Guidelines

Thanks for including Givo in your marketing! Please use these elements consistently.

  • Our Badge

    Our badge are two interlocking rectangles, blue and magenta, with two drops on top, yellow and green. Do not alter them and keep them free of filters and effects.

  • Our Wordmark

    Our wordmark is meant to represent Givo as a company. Do not use the wordmark when referring to Givo as a product or to promote your profile on Givo.

  • Our Colours

    Our badge should always be reproduced in our colours whether in print or on-screen. Use the EPS and high resolution PNGs provided below.

General Rules

You can always promote your Givo profile or showcase one of your Posts and use the Givo Marks according to the Terms and conditions of use.

  • Do

    Use the correct colours when using the Givo logo or icon.

    Use the Givo Grey Logo when using the logotype on a light background.

    Keep enough space around Givo brand assets so they appear clean and uncluttered.

    Encourage people to follow your profile using the badge and a URL.

    Name your website, product, or application with something unique.

  • Don't

    Alter colors of the logotype or icon.

    Rotate these marks.

    Add extraneous effects or obstruct them.

    Use Givo in the name of your website, application or product.

    Register a domain containing givo, misspellings, transliterations or similar variations thereof.

    Apply for a trademark with a name including 'Givo'

Thanks for reading this.