Report Copyright Infringement

We wish to remind that Givo's content is based on User Generated Content (UGC). Givo does not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyright, trademarks or other rights. If you believe that material or content on Givo infringes a copyright, please send a notice of copyright infringement containing the following information:

Last Modified 13 Jan 2016

  • Usernames:

    We reserve the right to free up usernames on behalf of businesses or individuals that hold legal claim or trademark on those usernames. If you, or your brand, would like to free up a Givo username, please provide the following information:

    - Trademarked word or symbol

    - Trademark registration number

    - Trademark registration office

    - Address

    - Phone number

    - Users utilising business names and/or logos to mislead others may be permanently suspended

  • Impersonation

    Givo takes safety very seriously. If someone is impersonating you, please submit the following information from the help page so that we can review the case:

    - Two clear photographs from two different angles of a valid government issued ID. Attach these images directly in your reply to our initial email response and feel free to black out personal information

    - Your full name

    - Your email address

    - Your username

    - Username of offending account(s)

    - Evidence of impersonation (include relevant comments and image URLs)

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