Givo's Anti-Spam's Policy

Givo is a place meant for sharing, shopping and growing as a global community. The guidelines for behaviour on Givo and toward your fellow Givo neighbours are no different than those in the real world. So here are a few things that we frown upon at Givo.

Last Modified 13 Jan 2016

  • Givo is not for:

    Create serial accounts with the intent of buying the same products from the same sellers

    Leave repetitive comments in an attempt to gain artificial visibility to your profile, Gigs and/or Jobs

    Discount codes or URLs to other websites

    Misusing hashtags

    Mass following users in attempt to gain artificial visibility

    Offering goods, money, or credit in exchange for saves, posts or follows

  • Givo is not for:

    Abusing social gestures

    Mass registration or automation

    Selling or purchasing followers on Givo

    Participating in affiliate marketing

    Using or promoting third party sites that claim to get you more followers on Givo

    Username squatting: we will not free up inactive or squatted usernames except in cases of trademark infringement

  • SPAM

    Don't abuse social gestures or add hashtags in a way that intentionally misleads or deceives other Givo members. You're welcome to use hashtags in a meaningful and responsible way. Posting a hashtag on a product just because that hashtag is popular at the moment is not considered meaningful or responsible.

    Promoting your own products and services with spammy comments are not welcome either. It's okay to self-promote, but do so sparingly and respectfully. We do not allow anyone to join the site in order to engage in affiliate marketing either.

    The purpose of Givo is to open up a locally and globally connected community that is beneficial to everyone. We're very tolerant and open and want every Givo member to get a fair shake, but we will not accept spam for the sake of all of our members including yourself.

    Mass registration and automation

    Givo does not allow anyone to post products, services or tasks, nor save products or create accounts using any kind of programming script for automation. Everything on this site must be entered by hand and we will take steps to ensure this is done.

    We do not tolerate abusive content

    Givo is a global community of many types of people, who all have the right to feel comfortable. Additionally, not everyone thinks the same way and there are many who may not think the way that you do. Be respectful in every posting, comment or message on Givo. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated. If you see abusive behaviour on Givo, please report it (link) or email us at em.ovig@olleh.

    Unlawful Content and Uses

    In order for Givo to work and thrive, we must maintain an honest, fair and safe environment for all of our members. Considering the local “real world” aspect to task posting and completion, this is especially important. There will be no tolerance for illegal behaviour or the posting of illegal content on Givo. You agree that as a Givo member, you will never knowingly engage in or make use of such unlawful acts or information such as copyright infringements, abusive behaviour, scams, cons or any other behaviours that may now or in the future be deemed unlawful or unacceptable by the Givo administration.

    If we conclude that you are violating these policies, your account may be deactivated and/or your IP address may be blocked. We do our best to ensure fair outcomes, but we reserve the right to enforce, or not enforce, these policies at our sole discretion.

Thanks for reading this.